We need your help! Know how to create dynamic websites? Please help us and volunteer your talents with AFTU. Help make this website a place that can properly showcase the artwork of contributing artists such as yourself. May God bless you †

Who Are We?

The mission of the Artists For The Unborn is to honor, defend and protect the unborn through art of any form. To show, speak and spread the truth with love and compassion.

The organization’s immediate goal is to provide a strong online presence for artists who share the same passion for the unborn. A digital museum where all are welcome to view the art, representing those who lived yet were never born because of free-will or through natural causes. This is complimented with book publications, showcasing the two-dimensional and three-dimensional artwork of contributing artists. As with any museum, special exhibitions, juried shows, educational resources, member’s magazine, and a store will be available (in time).

Offline, we would lend our support with artwork for use in printed materials, three-dimensional art, web pages, etc. to aid in a “call for action”, education and awareness to causes that champion the unborn. In time, we will host art shows, performances, benefits and events to raise funds to help other non-profit organizations further their missions for the unborn along with ours. We would love to collaborate with other non-profit organizations in projects relating to the unborn.

We are also working on getting the Memorial For The Unborn created into a sculpture and donated (place yet to be determined). In time, with the mold already created, replicas of the memorial will be distributed and donated to churches and organizations to raise awareness about the unborn.

We’ll start from there and we’ll see where God leads us, for it is according to His will, not ours.

Please show us your support by becoming a contributing artist, a supportive member, and spread the word about the Artists For The Unborn. We thank you very much and God bless †

“Child of God”, Charcoal on Paper, 17″ x 24″, 2010 Mercedes F. Flores